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0003846Far Manager_Commonpublic2021-02-15 10:03
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0003846: File names displayed incorrectly (national characters)
DescriptionFile name displayed in Explorer: "PDF formuláře 20210204.docx" (this file name is copyed from FAR), FAR display this as "PDF formula´rˇe 20210204.docx" in panel and in command line.
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2021-02-07 10:10


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2021-02-07 10:23

developer   bugnote:0017011

I guess you need to change the font.
If you have a Windows shortcut for Far.exe on the desktop, right-click on it, select Properties and change the font.


2021-02-07 12:08

updater   bugnote:0017013

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Looks more like Unicode character composition issue.

BTW, the issue can be (partly) solved by using Conemu. But with some other artifacts.

I'm afraid that there is no easy solution. Currently far has no special processing, it's behavior is equal to stock console cmd.exe, and that makes sense.


2021-02-07 13:07

reporter   bugnote:0017014

Thanks for replies. Changing font did not helped. You are right, that it has behaviour like standard cmd. Conemu helped, good result is with Consolas or some Courier (correct display), but I like to use raster fonts (usually 10x18), because they have superb readability. Raster fonts do not work well with Conemu - do not display correctly national characters in Windows codepages (even when setting charset to ANSI or Eastern Europe) and the result of this case is also not good.
So conclusion for me is, that it is not issue of Far Manager and I can live with this behaviour.


2021-02-09 14:57

developer   bugnote:0017015

It is not Far Manager issue but it can be handled by Far Manager (not so easy but possible).
Maybe we should move this issue to Wishes section.


2021-02-09 21:06

administrator   bugnote:0017016

It is not Far Manager issue but it can be handled by Far Manager (not so easy but possible)

I'd rather say it's vice versa - a Far issue, but it can't be properly fixed (only to some extent and in some cases).

In your example - "formuláře" - 'á' and 'ř' are composite characters: 'á' is "a+́ " and 'ř' is "r+̌ ".
For display purposes they are combined together and visually indistinguishable from "real" 'á' and 'ř'.
In Windows this composition is performed by the OS itself and apps usually don't need to do anything to display these characters properly (but still need for other things like sorting, search etc.).

In case of Far the situation is different. Far is a console application, and console subsystem historically assumes that the display is a grid of uniform rectangular cells and each character occupies exactly one cell, no more, no less.
This means that the OS won't help us here at all and all Unicode normalization must be performed manually. Even though the normalization itself can be delegated to Windows, there are many other challenges like proper handling of these composite characters in input fields and taking into account inconsistent string lengths everywhere.

Unfortunately, normalization is only the first circle of hell: even after it there are still zero width characters, double width characters, RTL and so on and so forth, and yes, the console subsystem doesn't understand any of that (except when it suddenly partially does, which makes the situation even worse).

So yes, we can move this one to Wishes and consider normalizing strings for display (and preferably for search too), but it probably won't happen any time soon.


2021-02-15 10:03

developer   bugnote:0017018

Yes. I meant only limited 'some cases':
1) select view mode in far panels (as is/composed/decomposed) like Ctrl+N (for short/full name)
2) add composed/decomposed name selection in rename dialogs (later maybe copy and creation too)

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