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0003860Far ManagerDescriptionspublic2021-11-03 13:55
ReporterVladV Assigned ToDrKnS  
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version3.0 
Fixed in Version3.0 
Summary0003860: file descriptions are not updated (access rights issue)
DescriptionI have a Windows 10 corporate notebook linked to home NAS (linux, Synology 210J) shared disk.
Each time when I move/copy files, file descriptions are not updated even if it is activated in settings. The same happens if I try to update existing description in remote folder by Ctrl+Z.

I have an error message that I need administrator's rights for FAR's temporary file - see screenshot attached.
Both passwords are rejected - user's for PC or the root for NAS. I don't have admin's password for PC.
After that I see an empty temporary file FAR*.tmp in current folder.
I can modify/create/delete any file on the shared disk, but not the descript.ion.
I can create the descript.ion myself. But it doesn't help and later I will have the same trouble when copying new files with descriptions in this folder.
Steps To ReproduceOpen any remote shared folder with file descriptions.
Move/copy a file with description to this remote folder.
Or update a description for any file in remote folder with Ctrl+Z.
See a request for admin's rights.
Press [No]
See an empty file FAR*.tmp
See unchanged descriptions
Additional InformationPC is attached to corporate domain. I can't change it.
Some years ago it worked well! But later it was broken. :(
I don't have any issues with modify/create files in other programs. Only the descriptions!
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2021-04-11 23:10


screen.628.png (3,850 bytes)   
screen.628.png (3,850 bytes)   
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screen.630.png (7,698 bytes)   


2021-04-12 21:41

administrator   bugnote:0017061

In 5780 it would (probably) work if you cancel the elevation request.
Unfortunately, it can't be suppressed completely.
If that's still too annoying, try to set Editor.SaveSafely to false in far:config.

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