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0003895Far Manager_Commonpublic2021-08-30 11:31
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0003895: High cpu usage
Description"Far manager" is completly consumes one cpu core.
I tried to install latest 32 or 64 bit versions, but problem exists for all.

The problem does not start immediately, but after a while, about an hour after the program starts.
Steps To Reproduce1. Download
Far Manager v3.0 build 5858 x86 (2021-07-27)
Far Manager v3.0 build 5858 x64 (2021-07-27)

2. Start "Far manager"
3. Wait for an hour, approximatelly.

4. "Far.exe" process consumes 25% of cpu, please see prinscreen.
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2021-08-19 10:26


far-high-cpu-load.PNG (23,061 bytes)   
far-high-cpu-load.PNG (23,061 bytes)   


2021-08-19 10:43

administrator   bugnote:0017150

Please check the latest available version.


2021-08-20 10:12

reporter   bugnote:0017151

I tried the latest versions:
Far Manager v3.0 build 5858 x86 (2021-07-27)
Far Manager v3.0 build 5858 x64 (2021-07-27)

but it didn't help "Far.exe" process consumes 25% of cpu.
I can upload dump file if it will help.


2021-08-20 10:18

administrator   bugnote:0017152

dl.png (41,588 bytes)   
dl.png (41,588 bytes)   


2021-08-20 10:38

administrator   bugnote:0017153

Yes, a minidump might help too, please do.


2021-08-24 10:20

reporter   bugnote:0017154

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I tried to install latest Far Manager, version 3.0.5883.0 x64
but the problem with high CPU load still exists,
please see the dump of far.exe

However with this Far version cpu load changed to constant value 17%. (instead of 25% cpu load with previos stable build 5858)


2021-08-24 10:22

reporter   bugnote:0017155

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Also I found an old Far version Far30b5577.x86.20200327
Tested it, and it was fine, without high cpu load (cpu load shows 0% ).


2021-08-24 11:15

administrator   bugnote:0017156

Unfortunately 5577 was almost 1.5 years ago and there was a lot of changes since then.
Narrowing the range between 5577 and 5858 further down might help.

Also, given that no one else reported the same issue, it could be specific to your system, e.g. something is interfering with some other component. In the dump I see loaded modules of something called "Sentinel One", which is probably an antivirus. Try without it if possible, antiviruses are well known for causing unexplainable issues in 3rd party software.


2021-08-24 16:57

reporter   bugnote:0017157

You may also try the following:
1. Download Process Explorer -
2. Run it, in File menu press "Show Details for All Processes".
3. In Options menu press "Configure Symbols", in Symbols path select folder with your Far install, where you put the pdb file.
4. Now double click on Far process, which consumes a lot of CPU, go to Threads tab, it will show a warning about windbg.dll - ignore it.
5. You will see a list of Far threads, there should be the one, which uses your CPU, double click on it (or press Stack button on right).
If everything is done right, you should get a stack with readable Far functions names, like


Post it here, maybe it would help to understand what is wrong in your case.

Otherwise the only option, as DrKnS wrote above, would be to test builds between 5577 and 5858 to find the first one where the issue appeared. To speed up that process you can use bisection (or binary search): pick the build between those((5577+5858)/2=5717), and test it. If the issue is present, pick the next build between 5577 and tested build, if not, then between tested build and 5858. Repeat until you'll get the first problematic build number :)


2021-08-30 11:31

reporter   bugnote:0017158

Thank you for you help,
you were right,
the problems it seems been with "Sentinel One" antivirus (I didn't use it before, but I should acording to my security policy).
Also I will try with Process Explorer and write to you.

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