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0003918Far ManagerViewerpublic2021-11-26 23:14
ReporterHaRT Assigned ToDrKnS  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0 
Summary0003918: Manual non-Persistent selection in Viewer broken since build 5833 (build 5832 is fine)
DescriptionThe selection disappears as soon as I release Shift, so I can no longer copy text snippets from Viewer.
Steps To Reproduce0. In Viewer preferences, uncheck Persistent selection.
1. Open a non-empty file in Viewer.
2. Shift-click some viewed character, release the Shift.
3. Shift-click another character, release the Shift.

Expected: after step 2, this character remains selected; after step 3, the entire text span between these two characters remains selected.

Actual: the selection is cleared as soon as I release Shift in both cases.
Additional InformationWorked around using the following macro:
Macro { description = "Workaround bug whereas releasing Shift after click clears selection";
  area = 'Viewer'; key = 'CtrlShiftC CtrlShiftIns';
  condition=function()  return Object.Selected  end;
  action=function() Keys'CtrlC' end;
That's quite awkward though as it requires displacing fingers/hands between selecting and copying.
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2021-11-26 01:23

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2021-11-26 23:09

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Спасибо, починилось. (Не вижу кнопки, чтобы отметить, что фикс проверен и в какой сборке.)


2021-11-26 23:14

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Не вижу кнопки, чтобы отметить
Change status выше.
Возможно, оно требует прав.

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