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0003926PluginsColorerpublic2021-12-16 13:15
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Platformx86OSWindowsOS VersionXP SP3
Product Version3.0 
Summary0003926: FarColorer: 0x0000007F - The specified procedure could not be found
DescriptionFarColorer plugin stopped working in recent stable builds under Windows XP. Last build that works is 5757. Please check screenshot for full error message.
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2021-12-16 10:05


far-x86-xp-colorer.png (6,341 bytes)   
far-x86-xp-colorer.png (6,341 bytes)   


2021-12-16 10:12

administrator   bugnote:0017291

Last edited: 2021-12-16 10:14

Read the announcement:

For XP you need to download version 1.3 manually.


2021-12-16 10:24

reporter   bugnote:0017292

Thanks. I have a question though. Is x86 version actually used on any platform other than Windows XP? I can hardly imagine that. And that brings another question - why include a plugin that doesn't work under Windows XP with a package targeted mostly for Windows XP?


2021-12-16 11:13

administrator   bugnote:0017293

Is x86 version actually used on any platform other than Windows XP?
Why not? Windows 7 is probably more popular than XP even on x86.
Also, quite a few people use x86 version everywhere, even on x64 hosts, either because it just works for them or because they need plugins available only as x86.


2021-12-16 12:01

reporter   bugnote:0017294

Ok, I didn't realize that someone would use x86 OS unless it was absolutely necessary. Please feel free to close this issue.

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