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0003987Far ManagerDialogpublic2023-03-27 23:28
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Summary0003987: 5-digit year - is it bug or feature?
DescriptionRe Far Manager, version 3.0.6060.0 x64.
In Attributes dialog (Ctrl+A on file or folder) in date-time fields I noticed there are 5 digits provided for years - YYYYY.
Is it bug or feature? Is it by design?
Steps To ReproduceCtrl+A on file or folder.
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2023-03-27 15:27


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2023-03-27_172141.png (30,348 bytes)   


2023-03-27 18:47

administrator   bugnote:0017407

Windows supports years 1601 through 30827.
Any software can create a file with a timestamp like 27 Mar 12023 for any reasons, including malicious ones.
If we only show 4 last digits, you might get fooled, lose time/money/faith in humanity etc. and later come to us with a bug report anyway.
So we believe that showing you The Real World no matter what is The Right Thing To Do.
We can do it, say, by expanding the fields dynamically when needed.
Or we can do it by just always allocating 5 cells, which is way, way simpler.


2023-03-27 23:08

reporter   bugnote:0017408

Thanks for the comprehensive explanation.
This Issue may be closed.

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