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0003989Far ManagerFindFilespublic2023-04-18 02:31
Reporteralexfbg Assigned To 
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version2012
Product Version3.0 
Summary0003989: Find File dialog since FAR 3.0.6116 build does not contain hotkey Alt+F for "Find"
DescriptionAll years of the FAR "Find File" (Alt+F7) dialog had a hotkey Alt+F for "Find". I used it a whole life. Scenario Alt+F7, enter file name and press Alt+F for find. Since build 6116 someone had removed Alt+F hotkey for a [Find] button. When you are pressing Alt+F - nothing changes. It was not changed for other option/action, it just removed at all.

Please add back Alt+F hotkey for {[F]ind} button in "Find File" dialog
Steps To Reproduce1. Press Alt+F7
2. Press Alt+F

Expected behavior: Find button is pressed
Current behavior: nothing
Tagsdialog, hotkey



2023-04-18 02:27

reporter   bugnote:0017411

I think that changes were made in these commits:

MZK 2023-01-28 18:41:14-08:00
1. gh-618: Adjusted hotkey assignments on Search / Replace and Find File dialogs.

MZK 2023-01-22 09:32:07-08:00 - build 6096
1. Added "Search for Hex" functionality to the unified SearchReplace dialog.
   Internal implementation only; no user-visible changes are expected.


2023-04-18 02:31

reporter   bugnote:0017412

This is a really strange changes made by "1 vote" decisions without historical user's base:

I'm sure it is not a good idea.
The similar/same issue with the "Search" dialog in editor/view now.

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