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0003991Far ManagerDialogpublic2023-04-25 14:37
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version2012
Product Version3.0 
Summary0003991: FAR 3.0.6116: Replace dialog - default historical hotkeys are changed
DescriptionSince a 6116 default hotkeys on Replace dialog a changed.

Previous one was:
R{e}place with: [____________]

I always use Alt+R to start Replacing. It is a common combination for many years.

Now we have in dialog:
{R}eplace with: [____________] - Alt+R now move to the field
[Replace] - no any hotkey at all!

Why the historical hotkeys, so important, are changed? It is broken UX, broken compatibility.
Just one person in a ticket decide to change a common hotkeys and... changed them.
Userbase of the FAR? Not important :(

MZK 2023-01-28 18:41:14-08:00
1. gh-618: Adjusted hotkey assignments on Search / Replace and Find File dialogs.
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2023-04-21 01:39

reporter   bugnote:0017416

The change was discussed in the respective GitHub issue and agreed upon.
You can assign whatever hotkeys using UI strings customization, which is documented in Help.


2023-04-25 14:37

reporter   bugnote:0017419

What was the reason/idea to remove them? They did not conflict with something other.
It is a change for the function that is historical, it is in habits for many users

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