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0004001Far ManagerPlugins Managerpublic2023-08-10 12:13
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version3.0 
Summary0004001: After a hardware upgrade on Intel i9 13900K (Z790, DDR5) the ProcList plugin stopped loading
DescriptionAfter a hardware upgrade on Intel i9 13900K (Z790, DDR5), the ProcList plugin stopped loading. There are no errors, it just makes a little delay and doesn't load. The system was not reinstalled, no other software except for the chipset drivers was installed either. No errors appear in the system log, the plugin simply does not load silently. Is it possible to do something with this?
Or somehow run Far Manager with the logging function? Thanx.
Steps To ReproduceMaybe upgrade on same HW? :)
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2023-08-10 12:09

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If you are a software developer, you can give this report a chance by troubleshooting the situation.
In brief, you should use gflags and WinDbg (both from Debugging Tools for Windows) to load FAR with the only plug-in and with so called Loader Snaps enabled, then submit the resulting debug output here for analysis.
Another troubleshooting you can do is to use Sysinternals Process Monitor to see what system calls are made by FAR prior to the failure and to compare these to those from a system where the plug-in loads successfully.
Otherwise the chances that the issue gets fixed are extremely low.

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