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0004003Far ManagerCopy/Movepublic2023-08-18 17:06
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version2012
Product Version3.0 
Summary0004003: Add [Continue] button to Copy file window if destination file is already exist
DescriptionCurrently if you are trying to copy a file and destination file is already exists you will have the following buttons in window:
[Overwrite] [Skip] [Rename] [Append] [Cancel]

[Append], as I know and understand, will really append the file to destination (it is usable for text data, when you adding logs, for example or some lists, etc).

But it is required to have an option for binary data to CONTINUE copying if it was broke/cancelled by user or in some way previously. It is like a continue option in ftp uploading/downloading. So, it is required to add button [Continue].

Just to example: you had copied 500Gb file from one disk to another (in particular from network drive or low-speed any other type of drive). And you had copied about 200GB. How to proceed from this 200Gb and just copy rest 300gb? Not all 500gb... You can't do this. Current options are only: Overwrite or Skip/Cancel. "Append" option will produce a frankenstein: 200gb + 500gb.

We need to have a [Continue] button for such cases. So, FAR will get a filesize() of destination file, then seek to this offset in source file and start copying it from this offset.

Also, you can add additional checks and show "Continue" button only in case if destination file size is smaller than source file size. (If it >= then continue is impossible).
Steps To ReproduceSteps to reproduce
1) Put on a low-speed disk 500gb file, for example, V:\BINARY.DAT (500gb file)
2) Put on the local drive part of this file. You can put all file and then truncate tail. Let's it will be a 200gb only. For example, D:\TEMP\BINARY.DAT (200gb head)
3) Try to copy file from V:\BINARY.DAT (full 500gb file) to exist D:\TEMP\BINARY.DAT (first 200gb head only)

Current behavior:
You are unable to continue copying. Only Overwrite/Cancel. Append will produce a monster 200gb+500gb file.

Expected behavior:
You will have a [Continue] button like on FTP and after pressing it FAR will continue to copy binary file from destination file size offset in source.

[Continue] button is shown only if destination file size is smaller than source.



2023-08-17 22:19

reporter   bugnote:0017449

Alternative name for the button could be “Resume” as that's used by many file transfer software.
And to avoid confusion, this button has to be not next to the “Rename" one.


2023-08-18 17:06

reporter   bugnote:0017452

Yes, sorry for wrong naming! Yes, "Resume", of course. That will be good.

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