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0004023Far ManagerSpecial Symbolspublic2023-12-12 18:53
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version3.0 
Summary0004023: Incorrect special symbols replacement with network shares
DescriptionUsing latest FAR on Windows 11 x64 23H2

I have the following user menu command:

C:\somedir\somefile.exe "!\!.!"

When the object under the cursor is a file or directory, the user menu correctly replaces the pattern with the path to that object, both on local drives ("C:\somedir\file.ext") and network shares ("\\SERVER\SHARE\somedir\file.ext").

However, if the object under the cursor is a network share in the network browser (for example, "\\SERVER\SHARE"), the command executed by the user menu will be:

C:\somedir\somefile.exe "\\SERVER\\SHARE\\\SERVER\\SHARE\"

The name of the network share is concatenated two times.
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a user menu entry with command: C:\somedir\somefile.exe "!\!.!"
  2. Switch to the network browser by executing net:\\YOURPCNAME
  3. Put your cursor on any of the available network shares ("C$" or "ADMIN$" if no other shares exist)
  4. Execute the entry from the user menu
  5. Look at the console screen und see what argument was passed to the command
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2023-12-12 18:53

administrator   bugnote:0017504

if the object under the cursor is a network share in the network browser
This is sort of expected / a known issue.
See, a list of shares isn't a real directory on \\SERVER and SHARE isn't a real subdirectory.
From filesystem's point of view \\SERVER\SHARE\ is a single entity, a path root, logically equivalent to C:\

So in this particular case the plugin reports to Far that it's current directory is \\SERVER\SHARE\ (because \\SERVER is not a thing, see above) and the file is also \\SERVER\SHARE\ (because SHARE is not a thing, see above), and by concatenating them we get what we get.

This is, of course, suboptimal and I don't mind fixing it, but so far I don't really see how.

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