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0004040Far ManagerPanelpublic2024-04-23 13:19
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Versionall versions
Product Version3.0 
Summary0004040: incorrect color of selected non standard files (folders, hidden, runable, compressed)
DescriptionColor of selected non standard files is black - on dark blue background it is almost invisible.
This behaviour occurs after upgrade to build 6300 (or latest 6313). After downgrade to previous stable build (6161) it is ok (all selected files are yellow).
It does not happen on all computers (I done it on 13 computers, 7 affected). It seems that it depends on first installed release of FAR Manager - it happens when the first release was "older" (I cannot exactly specify it, probably more than 2 years).
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2024-04-23 10:59


FAR 63xx.png (19,905 bytes)   
FAR 63xx.png (19,905 bytes)   


2024-04-23 11:26

reporter   bugnote:0017533

Please try this solution (having read the topic first), use an online/in-browser translator as needed.


2024-04-23 12:53

reporter   bugnote:0017534

Thanks for the response.
OK, I can resolve the issue:
Options - Files highlighting... then select one-by-one highl. groups (they are 6 to 8, depending on a computer) and in every group unclick "Foreground" for "3. Selected file name" and "7. File name selected under cursor" - that is a lot of work... (on 1 computer ok, but I have plenty of them)
On a working computer the "Foreground" is already unclicked.
On version 6161 (on a computer with this issue) the "Foreground" is clicked but the setting is somehow ignored (in detail it is black on blue, but in overview and on panels it is yellow on blue)...
Is it possible (best into the installer) to put command, that repairs this issue?
Or could you provide some macro or registry export, that corrects this issue?


2024-04-23 13:19

reporter   bugnote:0017535

I have exported configuration from correct computer and imported it to others (what I didn't want to because of slightly different configurations) but I do not want to spend more time with this...

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