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0004045Far Manager_Commonpublic2024-05-22 07:27
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version10
Summary0004045: display overlay in Chinese and Japanese
DescriptionThis is a very old problem of far manager, when display Chinese and Japanese, character will be overlaied both in panel, viewer and editor

please see attach files for more detail.

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2024-05-22 01:55


Snap1006.jpg (89,846 bytes)   
Snap1006.jpg (89,846 bytes)   
Snap1005.jpg (174,475 bytes)   
Snap1005.jpg (174,475 bytes)   
Snap1008.jpg (22,041 bytes)   
Snap1008.jpg (22,041 bytes)   
Snap1007.jpg (27,711 bytes)   
Snap1007.jpg (27,711 bytes)   


2024-05-22 05:07

reporter   bugnote:0017565

In Options > Interface settings, do you have “[x] Fullwidth-aware rendering” turned on?


2024-05-22 07:27

reporter   bugnote:0017566

After enable that option and problem was sloved.

Thanks for help.

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