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0000606PluginsMultiArc (old)public2008-09-08 21:27
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Product Version1.80 
Fixed in Version1.71 
Summary0000606: fail to open RAR archive that uses 'encrypt file names' option
DescriptionWhen trying to enter a RAR archive that has the 'encrypt file names' option enabled (for added security), FAR will error out with 'Unexpected end of archive' instead of prompting for a password.
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2008-09-08 12:23

administrator   bugnote:0001821


To get a listing from RAR archives with an encrypted header the
UnRAR.dll is used (if the library is found in the path). Because of
limitations of the UnRAR library the last access and modification
dates will be empty.


2008-09-08 13:01

reporter   bugnote:0001822

Ahh! Yes, that's true - if unrar.dll is available FAR will prompt for the password!

So the fix to this problem would just be:
Instead of saying "unexpected end of archive", say "unrar.dll required"?


2008-09-08 21:27

administrator   bugnote:0001823

> Instead of saying "unexpected end of archive", say "unrar.dll required"?

rar.fmt v1.27

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