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0000624WishesCopy/Movepublic2018-02-06 17:07
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Summary0000624: Copy/Move of a file don't preserve creation date (make it configurable?)
DescriptionSteps to reproduce:
- create a file (checks its attributes via Ctrl-A)
- copy file to a different place
  problem #1: 'File creation time' will become equal to 'Last file access time', that is, gets _changed_. 'File modification time' is kept unchanged.

- move the same file to a _different_ logical drive
 problem #2: Same story, everything gets changed except 'File modification time'.

Would be nice to have an option for preserving 'File creation time' on Move (even if it moves onto different logical drive), and on Copy as well.

The existing behaviour can be kept as a default one.
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related to 0001565 new Far Manager #02 Last Write Time not copied for DIR. and Symbolic Links of FILE 
has duplicate 0001564 new Far Manager #01 Creation Time not copied for DIR./FILE 
has duplicate 0001734 new Wishes Сохранение "File creation time" у каталогов при копировании 


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