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0002454Far Manager_Commonpublic2013-07-29 07:37
Reporterfarman Assigned ToDrKnS  
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Platformx86OSWindowsOS VersionXP SP3
Product Version3.0 
Fixed in Version3.0 
Summary0002454: Exception Error in FAR 3572 / Error in FAR 3560 (in combination with Multiarc-Plugin)
DescriptionI started up with a Multiarc-problem in 3572 (Result: Exception error). It reminds me of the error I reported yesterday. So I tested the same steps in 3560 (Result: Other Error when '§' is in DIR-name of FAR). I think it's a FAR-bug - doesn't seem to be a Multiarc-problem.

Well it's is a little complicated to describe. Please have a look at the steps following below.

Uploaded files:

- Far3 3560 (portable Mini-Basic Version for tests)
contains Multiarc with innosetup-config
- Picture of 3 different States of FAR3
pay attention to FARVERSION and FARHOME on the left side, right side is always the same (= after try to enter archive with Ctrl-PgDn)

Needed Testfile (some Innosetup-File):
taken from
Steps To Reproduce1. Download IZArcCL.exe and put it in a simple DIR like C:\4 ...

2a. put the Far3 3560 from the archive to C:\FAR3
2b. try Ctrl-PgDn on IZArcCL.exe
-> ok

3a. put the Far3 3560 from the archive to C:\FAR§
3b. try Ctrl-PgDn on IZArcCL.exe
-> doesn't work. Filepanel list jumps to last visible position.
-> innounp.exe has no problem here (additional test). maybe multiarc?

4a. replace FAR3 exe/lng from Step 3a with the files of ver 3572
4b. try Ctrl-PgDn on IZArcCL.exe
-> exception error
-> so no multiarc error?! far3 error?

The results you can see in the included picture 'Exception occurred - Far 3.0.3572.jpg'. btw: german winXP...
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has duplicate 0002455 closedDrKnS Выше 3553 иначе обработка архивов и крах FAR(x32) при MultiArc (первичен) + ArcLite (вторичен по F11) 



2013-07-28 17:22


far3_TEST.7z (1,383,800 bytes)


2013-07-28 18:09

administrator   bugnote:0011297



2013-07-29 02:53

reporter   bugnote:0011299

you first! :) I'm add #0002455


2013-07-29 06:19

reporter   bugnote:0011301

#0002455 repeat are closed.

I'm load and install 3580

and my problem is done! (look #0002455)
this build 3580 is ok!

pls, check your problem.


2013-07-29 07:11

reporter   bugnote:0011302

Last edited: 2013-07-29 07:11

Thanx very much, DrKnS.
so you're the first today... ;)

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